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Subject : “Adieu 2011” - Bio Propolis Research Committee Year-End Party
Writer : WPSF  2012-01-27 10:32:09, 조회 : 3,033
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Daejeon’s winning the right to host the International Congress of Beekeeping, Apimondia 2015 has set key milestones in this last year with many highlights of research endeavors made by the Bio Propolis Research Committee,  Korean Branch of WPSF.   Additionally “The Global Infrastructure of Propolis Industrial Development” will serve as a launch pad for creative innovation and technology.

The Bio Propolis Research Committee Year-End party took place on December 23rd at the Rendezvous Hall of Riviera Hotel Yuseong.  It was organized by Seoul Propolis Co. & Ltd., sponsored by the World Propolis Science Forum (hereinafter referred to as WPSF) and supported by both Daejeon Techno Park and Daedeok Innopolis.

Joined this gathering are about 60 members, officials, and individuals from Bio Propolis Research Committee, the WPSF, research organizations, companies, etc related to propolis.  The festive event lasted for 5 hours and a half with a variety of interesting programs.

End-of-Year Reviews on the Bio Propolis Research

WPSF Secretary-General Heo Yong-Gap presented end-of-year reviews on the achievement made by Bio Propolis Research team whereas TF team leader, Professor Lee Bong-Ho reported on the activities of TF team.

Introduction of VIP guests and Opening Speech

WPSF co-chairman and its sponsor Seoul Propolis Co & Ltd CEO Lee Seung-Wan delivered an opening speech on an upbeat note, he stated that 2012 will be a promising year in bringing about a wider expansion of propolis applications including animal feed development, etc on the strength of this year’s industrial achievement.   He also made an introduction of VIP guests attending.  

Congratulatory Speech

Congratulatory address was delivered by Executive director Park Joon-Byung at Daejeon Techno Park who has given unstinting support to Bio Propolis Research activities through cooperation and sponsorship since its inception in 2006.  Additionally board president Cho Chung-Won, who is also co-chairman of the WPSF, made a congratulatory speech.

Appreciation Plaque Awarded to Prof. Kwon Myung-Sang (former executive director at Korea Institute of Toxicology)

An appreciation plaque was awarded to executive director Kwon Myung-Sang for his service and achievement at the Korea Institute of Toxicology during 2008. 11.26- 2011. 11. 25.  He also played the role of chairman at the Korea Propolis Research and worked strenuously towards the promotion of international cooperation for the Propolis Forum.

Special Lecture/ Prof. Jin Young-Soo
( WPSF vice-chairman/ Seoul Asan Medical Center Sports Medicine Center )

Prof. Jin Young-Soo gave a special lecture on the theme of ‘Successful Aging & a Holistic Approach to the Disease.’

To pursue a healthy life in the age of ‘ Healthy at 100’ it is of utmost importance to keep the right balance between foods, environment, exercise among others eventually leading to successful aging and a healthy living.

A series of demonstrations on a meditative breathing technique by Hong Gi-Chan, Daejeon regional office and a regimen consistent with a healthy lifestyle by Prof. Heo Il-Woong, Myunggi University was shown following Prof. Jin Young-Soo’s lecture.

Invitation: The 2011 Adieu with Han Myung-Hwan

During the ‘2011 Adieu’ emceed by recreational instructor Han Myung-Hwan, members of Bio Propolis Research had a great time showing off their hidden talents and playing bingo games.   In particular, Prof. Kwon Myung-Sang received enthusiastic applause and encore for his song, Prof. Lee Bong-Ho (Hanbat National University) played the clarinet, and senior researcher Kwon Doo-Whan, the saxophone.

Furthermore, senior researcher Kwon Doo-Han received the ‘worker bee award’ for attending as many as 7 regular monthly meetings out of 8.  And Prof. Lee Bong-Ho, who previously played the clarinet during the talent contest, received the ‘native bee award’ for his role as TF team leader working on the Infrastructure Project for Propolis Industrial Globalization.  And fellow researcher Dr. Jo Seong-gi (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) became the next honorable recipient of ‘royal jelly award’ for the recognition of his excellent presentations on International Standardization  & his scientific dissertation at the IHC (International Honey Commission) and the Apitherapy Committee respectively.  The ‘wasp award’ was given to executive director Kim Ha-Dong (Daejeon Bio Tech Venture Town) for his exemplary effort in promoting Propolis Industrial development to Global Market project.  And Jeong Nyeon-gi kwa-jang (Daejeon Health and Environment Research Institute) was accompanied by his wife whereby having their mutual affection in display.  Mrs Lee Il-Sook received a special prize called ‘queen bee award.’  Then, she sang a song ‘Flower Rhythm’  wonderfully and got a lot of accolades from the audience.

A closing ceremony ensued after having enjoyable and memorable time together with great songs, musical instrument playing and a variety of games.


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