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Subject : 4th World Propolis Science Forum
Writer : WPSF  2012-10-08 17:39:22, 조회 : 3,996
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The great successful international academic forum 4th World Propolis Science Forum (WPSF: World Propolis Science Forum),  Terengganu, Malaysia

- 4th World Propolis Science Forum(WPSF: World Propolis Science Forum)
   * Time : 30th September
   * Place : Primula Beach Hotel, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
   * Subject :Propolis, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical

The 4th World Propolis Science Forum is co hosted along with 11th Asian Apicultural Association. The King(Sultan) Mizan Zainal Abidin is participated also 65 Korean and more than 250 people are participated over 25 Asia Country.

4th WPSF subject which is “ Propolis, Phamaceutial, and Natraceutical was held on 30th Sept. The WPSF abstract  was released all 9 abstract. South Korea 4 abstracts  China 1 abstract, Japan 1 abstract, Iran 1 abstract , Taiwan 1 abstracts , Philippines 1 abstract was presented.

WPSF vice chairman Korea Young –Soo Jin (Seoul Asan Medical Center) was presented Beneficial effects of propolis in health and disease & Recent advance in research  also WPSF vice chairman Dr. Stenfan Stangaciu was presented “It will be announced later” during AAA event.

4th World Propolis Science Forum
-Prof. Jun-Won Lee(Paichai University) /“Inhibitory effect of honeybee water-soluble popolis on RAMKL-induced osteoclast differentiation”

- Prof. Bong-Ho Lee (Hanbat National University) /“Anticholinesterase Activities of Organic Extracts of Propolis Samples”

- Dr. Dur-Han Kwon (Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology) / “Antiviral activity of Propolis”


- Chen Lihong/ “Analysis of the Flavonoids of Propolis from Thailand and Comparing with the Propolis from Korea and China“

- Taketoshi Hata / “Artepillin C, a Major Ingredient of Brazilian Propolis, Induces a Pungent Taste by Activating TRPA1 Channels”  

- Cheng Feng Lee / “Chrysin with anticancer activity and a candidate for standardization of Chinese propolis”


-  Houshang Afrouzan / “Nano propolis and drug resistant ”

World Propolis Science Forum, headquartered in Daejeon, South Korea (chairman. Seung-Wan Lee / Seoul Propolis Co.,Ltd CEO) is for the purpose of informing people of the usefulness of propolis and to prove its efficacy scientifically the first World Propolis Science Forum was held in Daejeon Korea in October 2007 and It is International event along with AAA Conference every two year.

The WPSF organized the International Propolis Standardization Committee(IPSC) and actively working to aim for establishing international standard at CODEX by unifying its research method and evaluation standard It is really for propolis food safety and propolis industry development


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